About Us

Melange coffee roasters is a privately held limited company established by a Dutch citizen who has an Ethiopian origin. Established in 2013, in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Melange coffee roasters plc is roasted coffee and coffee powder Distribution Company that develop and sell Melange products through multiple distribution channel. the company has secured trade licence and legally registered with the ministry of industry in Ethiopia.


  • To make Melange coffee roasters plc synonyms with genuine Ethiopian coffee.
  • To become the largest roasted coffee distributors domestically and abroad.
  • To create an efficient, dynamic, replicable marketing system.
  • To establish Melange coffee roasters branches office in Europe and Asia.

our mission

  • to promote Ethiopia as the origin of coffee and show the world Ethiopian genuine coffee.
  • we aim to make Melange coffee accessible to all who to enjoy
  • We also aim to make maximize
    The customer’s enjoyment
  • our goal is to be the largest roasted coffee distributers in the Ethiopia and abroad.

Our Services

  • roasted coffee bean like light roast,dark roast and other more
  • coffee powder for all type of roasted coffee
  • promote ethiopia by introducing quality coffee product to the international market.
  • provide state of the art training to hotel and resturant coffee baristas

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